Friday, November 02, 2007

Eye-Fi or Wi-Fi + Photo Sharing for your Camera

Now this is a neat new device I just saw from Photojojo called Eye-Fi or Wi-Fi + Photo Sharing for your Camera. What Eye-Fi is offering is an all in one 2GB SD memory card with built in Wi-Fi. Not sure how Eye-Fi did it but they have squeezed 2GB of memory along with a 802.11b,g and n Wi-Fi radio all into the SD memory card form factor. Even better there is no external antenna. Next comes the really cool feature to this device, the Eye-Fi card automatically uploads your photos to your favorite photo sharing, photo printing, blogging or social networking site. Eye-Fi currently lists flickr, Picasa, facebook, Wal*Mart, SmugMug, photobucket, Kodak Gallery, shutterfly, snapfish, TypePad, FOTKI, webshots, Gallery, VOX, phanfare, dotphoto and Sharpcast as sites that they work with. If you need the CompactFlash type form factor instead of SD Eye-Fi says that will be available soon via an adapter. When you consider that roughly 2 years ago when a 1GB SD memory card alone was running around $109, $99 for the Eye-Fi card seems reasonable. So I guess I'm going to have to decide if I get one of these babies now or wait for Christmas. Hmmm, it's going to be tough to wait that long for something this neat.

Updated: If your looking for a good review of the Eye-Fi card here is one at CruchGear.

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