Monday, December 31, 2007

Chicago By Night

Here is a great new 1 Gigapixel image of Chicago By Night from Scott Howard. This is a another very nice zoom image from Scott who also did Sydney By Night which is 720 Megapixels and was my first find in the large zoomable online pictures I hunt for. According to Scott's website he is also planning to sell prints of these pictures up to 6 ft. wide, no mention of the price for a print that large.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

AIM in Gmail is here

Well the Google and AOL partnership has finally delivered on something I'm sure many people have been waiting for, access to AIM from Google Talk. This is a limited introduction of this feature though. Currently or at least on my account I can only access my AIM Buddies via the Gmail version of Google Talk. The full Google Talk client so far doesn't appear to have this functionality.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Winamp has been improved, check out Winamp Remote

I don't know about you but I have tried Winamp any number of times over the years but always felt it was just another media player. Well I just tried out Winamp 5.5 and I'm impressed. Not sure which features I like more but the builtin access to Shoutcast Raido, AOL Radio with XM and Winamp Music is very nice. In addition Orb or Winamp Remote is a great addition I had not seen before. But Winamp Remote is in Beta and has a few quirks such as losing track of where you are at in a album if you move forwards and backwards in an album. Well anyway when I accessed my audio library over my Sprint PPC6700 I was impressed with the audio quality which was equal to listening to content from my MiniSD card which is impressive. After the initial buffering delay songs play through without a single buffering delay. Now Video via my PPC6700 on the other hand was a problem, there where constant buffering delays but my testing was done at home where my cell signal is shall we say somewhat less than optimal. I'm going to give Video a try later to see if having a strong cell signal helps the video.

Well having a good cell signal makes a big improvement for Video. Although there where some buffering delays it was greatly improved and aside from the small screen, viewing a video is as watchable as can be expected on a small screen device if you ask me.

My next area of testing will be the Friends/Sharing feature of Winamp Remote.