Monday, December 03, 2007

Winamp has been improved, check out Winamp Remote

I don't know about you but I have tried Winamp any number of times over the years but always felt it was just another media player. Well I just tried out Winamp 5.5 and I'm impressed. Not sure which features I like more but the builtin access to Shoutcast Raido, AOL Radio with XM and Winamp Music is very nice. In addition Orb or Winamp Remote is a great addition I had not seen before. But Winamp Remote is in Beta and has a few quirks such as losing track of where you are at in a album if you move forwards and backwards in an album. Well anyway when I accessed my audio library over my Sprint PPC6700 I was impressed with the audio quality which was equal to listening to content from my MiniSD card which is impressive. After the initial buffering delay songs play through without a single buffering delay. Now Video via my PPC6700 on the other hand was a problem, there where constant buffering delays but my testing was done at home where my cell signal is shall we say somewhat less than optimal. I'm going to give Video a try later to see if having a strong cell signal helps the video.

Well having a good cell signal makes a big improvement for Video. Although there where some buffering delays it was greatly improved and aside from the small screen, viewing a video is as watchable as can be expected on a small screen device if you ask me.

My next area of testing will be the Friends/Sharing feature of Winamp Remote.

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