Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Gmail space, Google storage, Photo storage what to do

In case you have not noticed Gmail by default now gives you 6.24GB of storage and climbing. So you think wow that is great maybe I should store all my Photos under Picasa Web Albums. Well on Picasa you only get 1GB by default. You can purchase additional storage but 10GB for $20/yr. seems a bit expensive and 40GB for $75/yr. is definitely more than I want to spend. The obvious next choice is use Flickr which has a PRO option for $24.95/yr. which gives you unlimited storage. So my quandary is will Google soon see the light/competition and provide an unlimited storage option to compete with Flickr/Yahoo. Maybe I should just use Flickr since it's a much more developed web based Photo site. My concern with Flickr is the fact that if they are using Yahoo infrastructure will Flickr have the same slow downs and such that I see even with my paid Yahoo Mail Plus account.

Does anyone know if Yahoo has merged Flickr into a common infrastructure used by all Yahoo services?

Let me know your thoughts.


Ray said...

6gig for e-mail works because Google can base Ad placement on the words in the e-mail. Photos, unless you caption them, don't have the luxury. Flickr is a different business model. There you tag the photo's that's have they put them in a bucket. I'm not sure if Google forces or let's youtag the photo's for that purpose.

Jim said...

Picasa/Google does have tagging I just did a search and Picasa found a lot of Photos related to my search criteria.

Jim said...

Your on the right track just looked again and yes you can search based on tags but Google has not put ads on Picasa pages so makes you wonder why Google is passing up this opportunity so far for ad revenue.