Monday, January 07, 2008

Gmail spam filters

In general Gmail's spam filters have done a very good job for me. But Gmail seems to have some odd quirks. One I have noticed and that still continues is Gmail marking my posts as spam from this blog which I receive a copy of via email. What's really starting to annoy me is I keep marking them as "not spam" but with each new post to this blog, you guessed it they end up in my spam folder. You would think Gmail would recognize a message generated from Blogger/Blogspot as not spam.

If you know how to access any settings or force Gmail to accept mail from an address as not spam let me know since the "not spam" button doesn't seem to work.

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Ray said...

I have a similar problem with the FreeBSD mailing list. Some posts get dumped into the spam bucket even though I have told GMail several different ways move all mail sourced from that mailing list to a specific folder. It drives me nuts.